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Bed & breakfast + ski lift pass - Pamporovo, Malina Chalets

Hotels in Pamporovo

Pamporovo ski resort webcam - Stenata slope (1450 m)

Live webcam showing the ski conditions in Pamporovo ski resort

 A live webcam, showing the ski conditions in Pamporovo ski area on Stenata slope.
See also the other 3 live ski webcams in Pamporovo ski resort here and the daily archive images from this webcam.

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Book 16 hotels in Pamporovo, starting at 11€/person

Book lift pass, ski equipment, ski school in Pamporovo

Pamporovo webcam arşiv  

 → Pamporovo webcam - 01.12.16  → Pamporovo webcam - 01.12.16

Kasım 2016 arşiv   

Ekim 2016 arşiv   

Eylül 2016 arşiv   

ağustos 2016 arşiv   

Temmuz 2016 arşiv   

Haziran 2016 arşiv   

Mayıs 2016 arşiv   

Nisan 2016 arşiv   

Mart 2016 arşiv   

Şubat 2016 arşiv   

Ocak 2016 arşiv   

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