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Hotels in Bansko

Bansko - Ziyaret edilebilecek yerler

Cultural, historical monuments in Bansko. Natural landmarks in Bansko region

Bansko, a charming mountainous resort, huddled in Pirin, offers a unique combination of excellent opportunities for practicing various winter sports, exploring Bulgarian traditions, experiencing rich folklore customs and valuable cultural heritage. Bansko is more than a fascinating landscape and well groomed ski runs; it is an inseparable particle of Bulgarian spirit. This is the reason why you should explore the region and get acquainted with all impressive natural landmarks. Don’t hesitate, but head for your cultural journey.

Our humble virtual tour may not be sufficient for you to find out everything about Bansko, however, this is our challenge, namely to provoke your interest, provide useful tips and inspire you to explore Bansko on your own.

Bansko is famous for the original architecture, unique houses, rich icon-painting and woodcarving school, as well as cultural monuments.

Bansko icon-painting school was established in 18th century in order to spread the word of mouth over whole Europe. Bansko is world famous for Bansko icon-painting school. The founder is the talented Toma Vishanov-Molera. The present exhibition is housed in the oldest building in Bansko which served as a convent of Rila Monastery. The best icons and artworks are housed in the museum. The exhibition is arranged in 6 premises.

You should not be surprised if you come across a monument, a deed of Bansko masters, in another Bulgarian city, because their talent created plenty of artworks.

Bansko is declared a cultural settlement of International importance. This is not simply a chance, but just a recognition since the resort has a vast array of historical and cultural monuments. You can visit the remains of antique fortresses and Thracian tombs that are located in the Staroto Gradishte area and Yulen. Also, remains of medieval churches can be found in the locality.

Next, don’t miss to visit the archaeological complex in the area ‘St.Nikola’. It consists of ruins of a Thracian fortress, Thracian tombs and Orthodox basilica. Even if the archaeology is your hobby and you are intrigued by the past, you can also take a look at the ancient fortress in the area ‘’Yulen’’. It dates back to the Roman period. Currently, you will see a part of the northern wall and some fragments of homemade dishes.

Another medieval fortress that worth a visit is Stana /Sitan/ Kale in the area Kalyata. It is believed that the fortress dates back to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Also, you can visit the Early Orthodox and medieval basilica with a necropolis in the area ‘Shipotsko’. The unique basilica consists of ruins of a church /4th-5th century/ and a necropolis with more than 150 tombs.

Let’s go back to the main places in Bansko that deserve your recognition. Of course, our tour starts with the House-museum of Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov.

The Home of Arts and Poetry is another multifunctional museum. Many exhibitions are held in the museum, but it also hosts scientific summits etc. You can visit an ethnographic exhibition at the second floor where you can buy original handmade souvenirs and other artworks.

Another important tourist attraction in Bansko is Velyovata House which is a typical example of the fortified house in Bansko, carrying the original style of the epoch. The building has two floors. The first one is a hideout that consists of two connected premises. The residential part is housed on the second floor. Velyovata House is made of wood and stones. The most impressive feature of the house is the beautiful decoration, especially in the Blue room where you can find some unique landscapes.

Bansko architecture from the Revival period is remarkable due to the various forms and rich ornaments. Today’s modern ski resort boasts many residential and public buildings that are representatives of the typical Bansko architecture. Some of them are valuable works of the famous Bansko Art School. Many examples of the different phases of the Renaissance period can be found in the Antique Quarter. The most impressive buildings are Buinovata House, Sirleshtova house, Hadzhivulchova and Zehtindzhieva house.

Ethnographic places in Bansko are also noteworthy as they also help you get familiar with local customs.

Bansko is a slice of paradise with the vast array of natural landmarks. Baikusheva white fir, one of the most venerable trees in Bulgaria /1200 years/, a representative of the relic black fir, can be found in National Park Pirin in the area of Bunderitsa chalet.

Pirin Mountain will enchant you with the fascinating nature and thousands of diamonds that wait to be explored. The highest peak in Pirin Mountain is Vihren /2914m/, the second highest peak in Bulgaria.

The alpine part of Pirin boasts many interesting forms of glacial origin - circuses, moraines, etc. Natural landmarks that definitely deserve our attention are: Vihren Peak, Momin Dvor, the majestic stone rivers, lakes and beautiful moraines.
Impressive formations are Koncheto /’’The horse’’/, circus Bansko Suhodol, Kazana cave, one of the deepest in Bulgaria and crystal lakes.

It’s an interesting fact to know that Bansko Suhodol is dry. However, there is a constant snow cover at the bottom of the circus and it is usually used for practicing ski sports.

There are 176 tarns that are located high in the mountain. Holidaymakers who enjoy mountain trekking cannot miss to visit them. ‘’Crystal eyes of Pirin’ are always open to the sky. All of them have glacial origin. The most attractive and visited lakes are ‘The eye’, ‘Hvoinati Lakes’’, Ribnoto Lake, Todorini and Vasilashki Lakes.

Bansko is a wonderful place where eco travellers will also find their most favourite place. Next natural landmark that must be on your list is the biosphere reserve "Bayuvi Dupki- Djindjiritsa", one of the oldest reserves in Bulgaria.

If you enjoy exploring the nature and its beauty, you will be fascinated with the reserve Yulen.

Indisputably the most impressive natural landmark is the awesome Pirin Mountain itself as it inspires the mind and provokes all positive emotions in one’s heart. Provided that you really wish to touch the nature and explore the area in full, your visit in National Park Pirin is a must.

The rivers that flow in Pirin Mountain are not less interesting for tourists who dare to explore the majesty of the mountain. Bunderitsa and Demyanitsa Rivers are feeders of Glazne River.

Other natural landmarks are the stone formations Svatbata /’’The wedding’’/, Bunderitsa Cave which boasts beautiful cave formations and five breathtaking waterfalls. If you would like to take wonderful photos and bring them home, just visit the breathtaking waterfall Bunderishki Skok.

Bansko has you covered throughout the year! If you seek for some rural tourism opportunities, just visit Dobrinishte and Dobursko village.


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