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Hotels in Bansko

Bansko kayak merkezleri - kayak pistleri ve tesisleri ile ilgili bilgiler

Ski holidays in the winter capital of the Balkans- facilities, ski tracks, snow sports, lifts, activities

The town of Bansko, the winter capital city of the Balkan Peninsula, is located at the foot of the gorgeous Pirin mountain right below the highest and most breathtaking part of the mountain. The lovely resort, better known as the pearl of Bulgaria’s ski resorts, has been developed from a small, typically Bulgarian town into a favourite ski and snowboard destination that caters for holidaymakers of different ages and nationalities. The unique combination of impressive architecture, rich history, local traditions, warm hospitality and excellent ski facilities make Bansko one of the best European ski venues. Bansko is situated only 160 km away from Bulgaria’s capital city which services regular flights to/from many European destinations, so there is an easy access to the best ski resort.

Bansko is a premier winter resort in Bulgaria and it satisfies all ski enthusiasts, snowboard freaks, fans of alpine ski adventures, cross country skiing, half-pipe and many other winter sports that not only contribute to our good mood, healthy way of life, but our positive attitude to life.

Bansko is Bulgaria’s top ski resort, because it has the best and most modern ski centre of all resorts. Moreover, the concessionaire of the ski tracks, Ulen, constantly improves the ski conditions through the implementation of various modern ski facilities in order to turn the resort in one of the best European ski venues that offers good value for money and great skiing experience. During the recent years, Ulen has made a serious investment, estimated at million EUR, in a brand new skiing area in Bansko. Actually the resort undergoes various investment processes and even a brand new resort area with luxury hotels and holiday apartments is being developed just opposite the Gondola lift.

Bansko registers the best snow record of all resorts and boasts the longest ski season which usually starts in the middle of December and finishes in mid May. The winter in Bansko is often cold and long. The stable snow cover in Bansko is retained for about 62 days annually. The temperature in January can vary from -5 degrees to -20 degrees on higher peaks in Pirin Mountain.

The Pirin mountain has a predominantly Alpine character and the highest peak in the area is Vihren 2914 m. The character of one of the most splendid mountains creates excellent skiing conditions for all types of skiers and snowboarders. Bansko has been recognized as a modern alpine skiing, hiking, snowboarding and climbing centre. If you wish to raise your adrenaline, you can enjoy some of Bulgaria’s best downhill skiing!

Bansko provides you with a multifarious experience during your winter vacation and allows you to soak up in multiple skiing combinations whilst trying pistes of various difficulty levels. Undoubtedly, you will feel the cold grasp of the winter season in January, the bite of February and the serenity of the gentle March.

If you are concerned about your activities in Bansko, you should carry on reading in order to get acquainted with the dynamic life in the resort, various après-ski options and the excitement about world-class winter sport events.

The town of Bansko is at an altitude of 925 m. The skiing area is on 2000-2600m. The ski pistes are located in three main ski centres, Chalin Valog (1100- 1600m), Shiligarnika (1700- 2500m) and Banderishka Polyana. There is a lift which services three ski zones.
All ski runs are approximately 10 kilometers above the town on the northern slopes of Pirin at around 2000m. The runs are easily accessible from the state-of-the-art Gondola lift which will take you there in 25 minutes.

The total length of the marked well groomed ski tracks is 75km. All 16 ski runs are excellently maintained and efficiently prepared. The altitude of highest ski run in the resort is 2600 m and the lowest is 990 m. The difficulty scale distribution is as follows: 30% for beginners, 45% intermediate and 25% advanced. Hence, Bansko’s slopes and tracks suit both beginners and experts. The longest ski run in Bansko makes a 16 km downhill race.

The snow cannons ensure 100% snow cover of the ski area which is precondition for good skiing even if the weather does not bring much snow. With 44 Techno-Alpine snow cannons and 12 state-of-the-art Kassbohrer slope maintenance vehicles. the ski season in Bansko tends to last longer. Currently, the total number of snow cannons is 181.
The main lift in Shiligarnika is a 3- person chairlift rising from 1750m to 2450m. The two main pistes bring high quality skiing opportunities. The uniform angle and sustained steepness of the pistes make them particularly suitable for the giant slalom and other International competitions. The chairlift takes just under twenty minutes for the ascent. Other lifts serve high, open slopes between 2200m and 2500m. Ski lifts all provide easy access from the bottom station to the nursery slopes.

On the other hand, the slopes of 'Todorin Vruh' peak offer a combination of wide, gentle beginner slopes, long runs from the chair-lift, excellent off piste skiing and superb off-piste snowboarding.
If you are addicted to cross-country skiing, then try the track in Bansko that boasts a total length of 5 km. The ski run is located in the area of Bunderishka Poliana.

Ski Lifts and Drags

The lift system in Bansko is well-developed to ensure the maximum comfort of all skiers. The total capacity of the ski lifts is 24 500 persons per hour. Therefore, holidaymakers are no longer made to wait in queues to reach to ski slopes.
Bansko is equipped with the 8-seat Gondola cabin lift by Dopplemayer, five high speed quads of the latest Doppelmayer models, one 3-seat lift by Poma, 7 drags, 6 four-seat chair lifts, 1 six-seat chair lift, 2 anchor type tow lifts, 3 single tow lifts, and 10 baby drags. The total length of the lift equipment in the resort is 27 kilometers. All ski facilities can be used conveniently with one chip-card from SkiData.

Ski facts about Bansko in Brief:

  • Babydrags: 10
  • Draglifts: 6
  • Chairlifts: 7
  • Gondola: 1

The 8-seat Gondola ski lift has been functioning since 2006. It is over 7 kilometers long and connects Bansko with Banderishka Polyana. Just at the beginning of the Gondola station you will find large monitors that provide you with real time information about the ski conditions at the tracks. Thus, everybody will be able to get familiar with the weather forecast, ski terrains and ski conditions before they reach the slopes.

Do you wish to find out how amazing it is to fly over the snow-capped Pirin Mountain towards the peak? Just get on the Gondola lift and admire at the stunning mountain views until your reach the ski area.
If you wish to improve your technique or learn the basics of skiing, Bansko is the right place for you since it has something for everyone, from the beginner to the expert who dreams of skiing on the difficult track ‘Tomba’.

Beginners- Ski Paradise in Bansko

Beginners will get the most from Bansko's ski area due to the vast ski area, good nursery slopes, easy to ride high speed lifts all over the mountain and the professional ski school with the friendly instructors who are fluent in several languages. In case you intend to book a ski package or ski school, we will advise you to book a tuition, ski lift passes and equipment with us, because you will benefit from significantly lower prices. Novices enjoy Bansko’s slopes, because they are able to tackle after one week lessons the 16km long ski run back to the resort.

If this is your first time to master skiing, we will advise you to consider one of the following easy ski tracks in Bansko:

  • Bansko (ski road)- Take on the challenge and head for a truly exciting 7km long downhill journey from the heart of Pirin Mountain down to Bansko. The track connects Banderishka Poliana with the base station of the cabin lift. The ski track is ideally suitable for beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. Don’t give up trying, because your efforts will lead you to the nice pub that is called Happy End. Do you get the idea?
  • Bunderitsa- Bunderitsa ski run is at 2560 m above the sea-level so it ensures a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills. You can choose between a smooth and unwinding ride or a real challenge, depending on the ski tracks you would like to try. You can try Todorka (No 4), Balkaniada (No 6) and Tomba (No 9).
  • Plato 1- It’s a nice ski that provides the skier with a breathtaking view to the snow-capped mountain peaks. Even though the track is not so long, it is perfect for a series of intense races. Don’t forget your sun protection crème if you plan to stay on Plato 1 for the whole day. Provided that you go from the upper part of Plato 1 and continue skiing on the ski tracks below /Shiligarnik 1 and 2/, you will enjoy a long and exciting downhill to Shiligarnika.
  • Shiligarnik- This is a highly varied, but still easy ski track. Beginners will be able to enjoy skiing relaxed and experts will show their master skills on the varied terrain. Ski track 5 enables you to consider some ski combinations to reveal your skills.
  • Shiligarnik 2 – This spacious ski track will give the opportunity to try dynamic and varied downhill skiing. If you combine your ski journey with Plato 1 and 2, you will head for a long and exhilarating downhill skiing to Shiligarnika.

Intermediate skiers in Bansko- Let’s do it

If you are confident enough and you are positive that skiing is your passion which needs to be further improved, then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try a ski track for advanced skiers. Thus, your dreams will come true in Bansko and you may improve your skills to such an extent that even Alberto Tomba would be jealous. If you are an intermediate skier, you will find more than 60km ski runs that should be explored in full in order for you to entertain yourself for a week or two. Bansko’s ski tracks all provide you with stunning mountain views, however, the ski run ‘Plato’/’The Plateau’/ is said to be the most scenic one. Hence, with challenging red runs weaving between the trees and 16km ski run from the top of the mountain to the bottom, you’ll find a lot to explore during your ski vacation.

  • Balkaniada- It’s a wonderful spacious ski track which ensures intensive skiing for the adventurer. Many contents have been held on this ski track which is a true testimonial for the characteristics of the ski run.
  • Todorka- Todorka is an offset of Balkaniada (track No 4). It has two different parts – the lower part is the easy one and the upper part is the medium one. The lower part is known as “Kolarski put” and it is particularly suitable for beginners.
  • Stara pista- This track is characterized with an interesting staircase-shaped profile. The ski track is a great challenge both for skiers and snowboarders who struggle to improve their technique, and experts. The tail of Stara pista has a direct access to the ski road that goes towards Banderishka polyana.
  • Yulen: This track is a relatively short. However, you can enjoy fact, dynamic downhill skiing. It provides an intense downhill experience for advanced fans and a great challenge for novices.
  • Plato 2- This ski track is more difficult than the adjacent Plato 1. Of course, it is not less spacious and entertaining. Plato 2 is provides a magnificent view to picturesque, alpine landscapes.
  • Strazhite- You can try this track only in a combo with track 10. Thus, you will have another long and pleasant combo. Get ready for the last part of Strazhite since it is a real challenge for skiers and snowboarders alike. The lower part of the ski run goes to a ski road which leads you to middle station of the cabin lift and ski track Chalin Valog 1 and 2.
  • Chalin Valog 1 is a bit longer than its twin Chalin Valog 2. This ski track is also very dynamic and the fun is guaranteed. The ski area is fully covered by snow cannons.
  • Chalin Valog 2- It is a very nice, medium long ski track that located conveniently just above the town of Bansko. To get there you have to get on the Gondola lift and step out at the middle station. The whole track is fully serviced by snow cannons which ensure the good snow cover.

Advanced Skiers- Alberto Tomba black ski run challenges you

If you define yourself as a real skihound and you do feel your freedom and ever-seeking spirit whilst you enjoy skiing, then black ski runs are the right place for you. In order to master your technique, you perfectly understand that you need flexibility; persistence and loads of fun, so red and black ski runs in Bansko have you covered.

The most difficult ski track is Tomba! For sure it will catch your breath and provoke your inspiration! Ski track Tomba is the biggest challenge of the ski resort Bansko. It provides experts with opportunities for downhill skiing, full of emotions and increased adrenaline levels. You should prepare yourself to try this ski track, because the inclination is about 73%.

Snowboard experience in Bansko

Snowboard enthusiasts can enjoy themselves on the first on the Balkan Peninsula fun park where people from all over the world come to reveal their skills and show their passion about the extreme sports. Bansko Fun Park is full of artificial bumps and jumps, but everyone is most welcome to build jumps that suit their taste and abilities. Bansko Fun Park will keep you motivated and determined to explore even more and more. The access to the Fun Park zone is provided by easy to use, high speed Gondola and chairlifts. The high quality terrain of the park has staged some events of the European Snowboarding Cup calendar and it is believed that it will become even more attractive venue for such kind of contests and other events.

Bansko provides new opportunities for the skiers, snowboarders, all fans of biathlon and cross-country skiing. Skiers and snowboarders can participate in the contests that are organized at the new ski track on Shiligarnika.

The fun park zone for extreme skiers and snowboarders is located in the area of Plato at Todorka peak. The only one of its kind half pipe facility is situated at the upper station of the cabin lift. Extreme winter sports fans will truly enjoy the half pipe, because it guarantees full adrenaline rush and much fun!

Night skiing in Bansko

If you cannot stop skiing and the day is not long enough or you simply want to enjoy a new experience, you are welcome to try some night skiing and explore the beauty of the mountain in the evening. Bansko offers great facilities for night skiing with 7km of floodlit piste between Banderishka Polyana and the town. In general, you will experience night skiing adventures with 16km floodlit ski runs. The ski run Stara Pista is one of the tracks that guarantee enjoyable night skiing. Night skiing is available from 6.30pm until 9.30pm.

Ski holidays for children and child care in Bansko

Bansko is one of the most favourite ski resorts in Bulgaria since it offers family-friendly holiday opportunities.
There is a ski kindergarten for children aged 4 to 7 years old. The nursery and ski school provides attentive care to kids and teenagers as it ensures positive emotions, good ski tuition and various entertainment options. The Junior Club has its ski kindergarten that is equipped with first class facilities, including 3 baby drags, conveyor carpet lifts and a rotunda type ski carousel. There are a total of 10 baby drags in Bansko which makes it a great destination for families with kids. Bansko also has a non-ski kindergarten.
Children up to 12 years can attend special ski school classes and make their first steps in the ski world with the professional help of experienced instructors.

Ice skating in Bansko- Bansko Ice Skating Rink

Bansko boasts the second in Bulgaria Ice Skating Rink! Skating is another popular activity in Bansko which makes the resort one of the best winter venues in Europe. Sliding along the ice is a great activity for the whole family and everybody will appreciate the stunning mountain views that can enjoy whilst skating. Bansko Ice Skating Rink has rapidly become one of the favorite places for the guests and the citizens of Bansko. This is one of the most modern facilities of this type and it encompasses an area of 1200 square metres with seats for the spectators. Bansko’s mayor believes that the ice skating rink at the food of the mountain is the first step in the development of a 5000-seat world-class sports complex which will include a hockey arena, basketball and volleyball courts, field hockey pitches. The ice rink was purposely built to entertain the numerous guests of the resort and to be a training area for kids. Kids are trained by skillful instructors who will provide not only assistance, but also useful tips for skating. It’s no wonder that Bansko ski resort is a cut above the rest, because the municipality constantly implements new developments in order to satisfy the needs of every skier, snowboarder and holidaymaker.

Après-ski in Bansko

Unwind completely after a hard day on the slopes and enjoy some great après-ski opportunities.

Apres-ski in Bansko is good value for your money and you can enjoy swimming in the pools of most hotels, indulge in SPA treatments, try various entertainment options.
Since Bansko combines the best ski facilities, rich history, a myriad of landmarks, virgin nature, many outdoor activities, it is by no doubt an attractive holiday sport where the entertainment is always available. Many cafes, noisy bars, stylish restaurants, traditional Bansko taverns /more popular as ‘’mehanas’’/ cater for the holidaymaker who seeks some après-ski experience at a reasonable price. The exceptional charm of Bulgarian mehanas, the unique local atmosphere and gastronomical delicacies, the finest selection of Bulgarian wines and the warm hospitality make Bansko a resort that has much to offer. You will be spoilt for choice of discos, night clubs and restaurants! It is considered that the best après-ski venue in Bansko is Happy End which is located conveniently just next to the Gondola station.

If you have the energy to carry on entertaining yourself, take your friends to the bowling area in Hotel Strazhite and have a great fun together. The ten pin bowling complex also provides various arcade machines, pool tables, a café and bar.

Winter sports in Bansko- Snowmobiling, Snow Shoeing, Ice Fishing and Paragliding

If you are look for alternative winter sports options, Bansko invites you to try some snowmobiling, snow shoeing, ice fishing, paragliding, heli-skiing and many more.
You cannot miss at least one time para-ski adventure in Bansko! If you wish to touch the sky and ensure one of the most thrilling experiences in your life, you should just try para-ski with a professional paraglider which will take care of both your safety and entertainment.

If you have registered great levels of adrenaline, you should shape your emotions with heli-ski. A helicopter will take you to the highest peaks of Pirin Mountain and from there you will be able to enjoy downhill- that’s what I call once in a lifetime extreme experience!

Provided that you are interested in various winter sports and you wish to give it try /you will not regret it!/, just get in touch with our friendly local rep, Marina, who will take care of your adventure and provide you with lots of tips and assistance.

Medical service in Bansko

The emergency ski patrol service takes care of your safety 24 hours a day. First aid is also available on the ski slopes. All hospitals in Bansko are fully equipped and qualified doctors are ready to help in case of an emergency. Please, note that we strongly recommend you to either ski on the marked pistes or consult with our local rep if you wish to try some off-piste skiing!

Ski school in Bansko

Bansko has one of the best ski schools in Europe, so you will easily learn how to ski with the professional assistance of qualified and friendly instructors. We provide you with hot deal ski services, including ski tuition, equipment rental, ski lift passes and many more.

Ski Holidays in Bansko in Brief

Bansko ski resort, Bulgaria offers fantastic skiing and snowboarding adventures for everyone. It’s a premier family resort where you can relax completely and polish your ski skills. The unique combination of a modernized ski area, genuine old town with impressive old-style houses, cobbled streets and the beautiful Pirin National Park, included on UNESCO World Heritage list, makes Bansko a perfect destination for young couples who seek for romantic atmosphere and much fun.

Party animals and extreme sports fans will never get bored with so many activities, entertainment options and bustling lifestyle in the winter capital of the Balkans!
If you appreciate getaways, exceptional skiing, plenty of opportunities and extreme experience, look no further than Bansko, book your ski holiday today and discover why it’s a favourite ski resort for many generations to come.


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